Powerfully Simple and Secure Real Estate Payments

Automating the collection and reconciliation of Earnest Money, Agent Fees, Commissions and all other real estate payments.

Our agents and homebuyers love the simplicity and convenience of the Keybox EMD payment experience. We’re seeing great adoption and hope to completely eliminate checks in the near future... [Their] ability to customize and integrate truly sets them apart!

- Tom Koch, Baird and Warner

Unified Real Estate Payment Platform

Payload Keybox is designed to tackle the unique billing, reporting, routing and compliance hurdles faced by real estate companies when managing Earnest Money Deposits and other payment processes.

Industry-Trusted Platform


Title Companies

Industry-Integrated Platform

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Buyer Initiated Earnest Payment Page

Keybox's Secure Payment Link pages make it simple to accept payments directly from your homepage.
  • Embeddable Single-page link
  • Customizable to Match Your Brand
  • Custom Data Fields to Capture the Data You Need
  • Securely Capture Payment Information
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Send Requests for Earnest Money to Homebuyers

Agents or Administrators send an Earnest Money Deposit payment request with pre-populated data fields to simplify the payment experience for the homebuyer.
  • Integrate with your favorite Transaction Management System platforms for a one-touch agent experience
  • Customizable forms based on workflow requirements
  • Unique and secure link for payer to initiate payment
  • Instant notification of payment to buyer, agent, and admin team

The Case for ACH in Real Estate

Get access to our deep dive into why ACH is the best method of payment for Real Estate

In the United States, manual payment processes, such as checks and wires, are the most prevalent form of payment in the real estate industry, but they pose an ever increasing threat to real estate organizations and homebuyers....

Commission Disbursements

Seamlessly and automatically disburse commission payments at closing and eliminate the hassle of check and wire.
  • Eliminate manual checks and expensive wires
  • Automate the entire closing process
  • Let agents securely manage their commission payments
  • Simplify and streamline reporting

Agent Fees

Invoice agents for one time and recurring fees, and let agents pay electronically with their methods of choice.
  • Eliminate manual invoicing and payments
  • Unified dashboard for agents to see their invoices and pay
  • Let agents take advantage of autopay
  • Simplify and streamline reporting

Multiple Deposit Destinations

Keybox provides complex disbursement functionality and simple controls to direct funds to the correct account
  • Automated flow of funds to Broker, Title Company, or Attorney Trust accounts
  • Invite your favorite Title Company or Attorney
  • Automated receipts
  • Fast Disbursements

Manage Payments

Keybox comes with a suite of intuitive dashboards that make it easy for teams to control, track and generate reports on payments.
  • Intuitive Dashboards for Payment and Invoice Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Refund and Void Payments
  • Advanced Security & Dispute Management

Pricing Model

Zero-Cost Payments

Funds transfer costs are passed to home buyer

Base Plan

$20/ month

  • 3 Depository Account
  • Homebuyer Account Verification
  • Same-day ACH processing
  • $12 Earnest Money Payment Fee
    • Admin Portal
    • Real-time payment notifications
    • Electronic refunds
    • Payment Workflow Options
    • Branded stand-alone payment page
    • Branded payment requests to home buyer
    • Integrations
    • Transaction Management Platform Integrations
    • Back Office Platform Integrations
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